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Computer specialists providing technical support, installation, and repair of IT network and computer systems to businesses in the Orlando area of Central Florida.
Software Development


TSG is the provider of RezCommander which is a cloud based application that allows online and call center reservations to made and processed for Vacation Resorts, Vacations Homes, Hotels, Flights, Car Rental and Attraction Tickets. This software is constantly being modified and upgraded be able to make sales of inventory from more sources and on more platforms.

XML Integration

We build software to access XML data sources around the world to provide the Wilkes companies with product to sell.

API Integration

We develop the software needed to use third part API's. These are many and varied for a wide variety of purposes. Some examples are:
  • SMS Messaging
  • Maps
  • Telephone Systems
  • Email Services

Computer Networking

Wide Area Networks

TSG checks that the service offered by the ISP is in accordance with the requirements of the location in terms of IP Addresses and Bandwidth.

Local Area Networks

TSG specifies the Local IP Address ranges to ensure there are sufficient available for the devices in the location. It also determines the means by which addresses are allocated.

TSG Sets Policies for domain controllers that meet the needs of the office, e.g. Password Rotation Policy becomes critical when the network is processing credit cards. Once this done training is provided for nominated personnel.

Data Communications

Telephone Communications

TSG is involved in the selection an provisioning of Telephone Service Providers to ensure that the technology employed meets the needs of a particular office.

Live Chat Messaging

Customer interaction may also be facilitated by live-Chat as well as by telephone. TSG modifies the software as necessary to ensure the interactivity between the employee and the web user is effective.

Foreign Data Integration

In order to service customers quickly and efficiently it is sometimes necessary to be able to instantly provide variable information that has to be retrieved from a third party data source and delivered directly to the user's computer. Examples of this would be perhaps the availability of a Flight or a Hotel as well as things like government issued travel advisories. We also make it possible for the user to see if they have any calls waiting and how long they have been waiting.

On Line Credit Card Processing

TSG is responsible for the secure transmission and retrieval of personally identifiable information like names addresses and credit card information. The required levels of data encryption and security certificates are maintained in accordance with PCI requirements and standards.

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