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Computer specialists providing technical support, installation, and repair of IT network and computer systems to businesses in the Orlando area of Central Florida.
Do IT Yourself!
You can and there are two ways to proceed; either employ your own IT engineers or type technical support into a Google search. You will find and endless list of valuable resources which, if you have the time, you can use yourself.

For many businesses neither of these options are economically viable when something critical does not work. Calling in outside Expert Tech Support and Computer Repair Services when you need them is usually the most economical solution.

If your struggling with slow computers or inexplicable happenings, give us a call; We have almost certainly seem them before and you will benefit from our knowledge of both the causes and solutions to most computer problems.

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Technology Group Services Inc

TSG was set up in 2008 by Michael Gerrish at the request of Richard Wilkes. The purpose was to provide specialist technology services to various companies owned and operated by Richard Wilkes.


It had become an operational imperative that specialist services be made available in the areas of Computer Networking, Data Communications, Internet Presence, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing. It was not cost effective to provide these services independently in each of the companies operated by Mr. Wilkes so a small group of specialists was put together and TSG was born to operate as a single cost center whose resources were to be shared by the other Wilkes companies. This allowed for the recruitment of a small but highly trained group of specialists that it would otherwise not have been possible to afford. It was determined that this would, over time, be more economical that outsourcing.

Michael Gerrish was appointed to set up and operate this company on behalf of Mr. Wilkes because, as well as being known previously as a subcontractor, he holds advanced degrees in both Information Technology (PhD) and Marketing (MSC). It was important that the person in charge would be able to manage and control a staff of highly qualified graduates.

It should be noted that it was never intended that this company become larger than was necessary to provide these services to Wilkes companies. While TSG is authorized to perform such services for other businesses in order to mitigate cost, TSG is not allowed to work for competitive businesses and no more than 20% of TSG resources are to be applied contracting with other companies.

Roles and Responsibilities

The services that TSG provides are all related to computer technologies and marketing in a technology driven world.

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