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Computer specialists providing technical support, installation, and repair of IT network and computer systems to businesses in the Orlando area of Central Florida.
Internet Security


We manage the firewalls protecting the web services we provide to ensure an appropriate level of privacy is maintained. Servers for different purposes will have different levels of firewall security, e.g. a server processing credit cards will need to be PCI compliant were as a server delivering web pages will not be as stringent.

The Wilkes companies also have local firewalls where our role is to recommend hardware and configuration standards. We also check these standards are not compromised.

DNS Management

We provide a service where by all internet browsing is monitored and recorded by using a specialist DNS server for domain resolutions rather than the ones provided by ISP's. This enable us to monitor the activity of the client’s employee browsing habits. We also provide filtering so that inappropriate websites can not be accessed.

We also block traffic from user’s computers to known threats like Malware and BotNets.

Virus Malware & Spam Detection

We test check and recommend combinations of software that do not interact with one another to ensure a user’s computer is properly protected against these threats and inconveniences. We also provide standards for various offices to work to.

Data Backup and Retrieval

Internal - TSG provides help an assistance to the Wilkes companies to help then establish what data should be backed up and where the data should be stored.

External - We provide an off-site backup system for mission critical data.

Software Appraisal

TSG assists with the choice, testing and implementation of third party software used within the various Wilkes companies with the goal of normalizing it for economy, licensing and training purposes.

Social Media Marketing

Orlando Internet Marketing and Social Media Services

Channels - We work with many channels and examples would be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tmblr and Instagram. Our skills enable us to make best possible use of a channel to meet the goals of the client. We also help clients choose a channels that will best suit their type of business.

Increased Brand Recognition

  • Increase brand visibility through social media
  • Accessibility for current and new clients
  • Product updates, events, ads, news, reviews, information, etc

Improving Brand Loyalty
  • Engaging with your customers on social media improves loyalty
  • Connecting and communicating with an audience drives followers

Opportunities to Convert
  • Posting on social media gives an opportunity for customers to convert
  • Conversion causes interaction which leads to site visits
  • After conversion the company now access to new customers

High Conversion Rates
  • Brands become more “humanized” by interaction with customers on social media
  • People like interaction with “people” (not phones and robots)
  • Social media “trends” improve credibility and trust

Higher Brand Authority
  • When people want to brag about your services on social media through reviews
  • New audiences will see those reviews and will want to follow your company updates
  • The more customers are talking and trending about your brand the more authoritative and valuable you become as a company and brand

Increased inbound Traffic
  • Every update, post and ad is another path leading back to your website for customers and new visitors to click on
  • More quality content equals inbound traffic generated

Decreased Marketing Costs
  • Less print costs and cheaper paid advertisements
  • Less time spent on marketing through simple posts and ads
Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Google now calculates ranking using social media profiles
  • Being active on social media sends a “brand signal” to search engines
  • Shows search engines that you’re a legitimate, credible and trustworthy
Richer Customer Experiences
  • Every interaction on social media is a way to demonstrate customer service level and enrich relationships
  • Giving a more “personal” experience to let customers know you care about them
Improved Customer Insights
  • Learn how audiences behave, what they like, what they don’t like with social media tools
  • Segment your content lists based on topics of content
  • Use measure conversion based on different promotions and ads

Our Orlando Internet Marketing and Social Media consultants provide the following services:

  • Logo/Identity systems
  • Branding Strategy
  • Marketing Systems
  • Online Brand Presence

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