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Computer specialists providing technical support, installation, and repair of IT network and computer systems to businesses in the Orlando area of Central Florida.
Domain Hosting

Domain Names

Purchase, manage, renew and remove internet domain names on behalf of the domain owner. All domains are registered with a recognized ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) provider.


TSG provides web hosting services on a dedicated VPS located in a secure data center. TSG is responsible for making sure the sites are always working and that all the required software updates and patches are applied to the server to ensure it in smooth operation.


Provide a mail server for the domains hosted by TGS. Monitor and control the SMTP protocol and filter messages to remove known spam operators. Provide POP3 mail boxes as required and control the resources consumed by email account holders.

Website Design Orlando

Information Gathering

Gather the information necessary to establish Purpose, Goals, Target Audience and content of the website.


Interpretation of the information to establish the basic layout of the site in terms of menus and pages that will be required to present this information in the web environment.


Here we take the information and begin to convert the text elements into copy that will be suitable for display on the website. We look at language, grammar and text volume.


Taking into account the business type and target audience create a Graphic Design that will appeal to the potential users while retaining the corporate identity of the business.


The process of converting the Graphic Design into computer code the Web Server can understand so that it will render appropriately in whichever Internet Browser the user is likely to use.


Here we make sure the user interaction meets the client’s requirements. It is a stage that a working site is made available to the client for comment and feedback. We also check that all the computer code meets industry standards.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Here we ensure that the main search engines are able to index the website in accordance with the content.
At this stage it is sometimes necessary to go back to the Copywriting stage and work through the website again. Sometimes more research is required.


The process of deploying the website on the internet so it can be viewed by the company's customers.


Updates can be because the client requires a change or we may discover new Search Engine Algorithms are affecting the relevancy rating of the site to its client base.

Graphic Design

Design for Web

Sometimes this is designed from conception from a brief and at others it is a case of modifying something provided by a client. We ensure that size, file type and color profile is optimized for the web environment. This will include images as well as brochure promotions and informational downloads. We also check (as far as possible) that the imagery does not infringe any copyright and that the text is not plagiarized.

Design for Print

Like designs for the web this can be modifying something provided by a client or originated by our design team. We ensure that the files type, color profile resolution and fonts meet with the requirements of the printing company.

Orlando Website Design Services
Email Blasts
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Content Management System
User Interface Design
Usability Analysis
Information Architecture